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Quick Reminders!

News to everyone!

Sadly I know still many don't check this but oh well...it will be a nice reminder.

1. Remember Greek Week is this coming week!

We have Airband practises Mon-Wed at 6 pm ish, since we want to rule it this year!
Monday - all greek cookout at 6 pm; Newlywed Game at 9:30
Tuesday - Mr & Miss Greek Week at 9:30 pm; Alpha Social - Theme - wear nothing...or little clothing
Wednesday - Airband at 9:30, Sigma Social - Theme - Cops and Robbers
Thursday - DELTA NU Social - Theme - TOGA PARTY BABY!!!
Friday - pres inauguration 1:30; Games at the Kappa Gamma house the rest of the night

Of course there are sports earlier in the day so check the shedule for the ones you signed up for.

2. The reunion was awesome!! It was nice to see lots of members and alumni! Reminder we are having another Reunion, since this one wasn't as convienent for some October 22nd, 2006! Keep your eyes open for that.

3. Any footage taken this semester, ie. the formal, finishing night, reunion and other random times will be put together in a funny and random video by the end of the semester. I might be able to get it out to everyone before school's out if time permits. If not I'll have it available over the summer.

4. Congrats to everyone who got positions for the next term 2006-2007!!

5. Since I got Webmaster I am happy to announce and this is big:
We offical own : www.deltanupsi.com !!!!
I promise to make this site full of up-to-date information for all! I am planning a full site overhaul, and with the help of fellow alumni and one hell of a sweetie Matt Fried hopefully a site without ads! Yes very excited, so be sure to check your emails for the offical launch of the new site!

It's late so I shall retire since today is going to be one hell of a day coz...


laterz y'all

- Jen D.
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