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Hey everyone!

It's almost time for Rush, and that means it's almost time for DNY's next and new pledge class. But of course PC 31 is still the youngest one. hehe...

Since Rush is already in full swing of being planned, I'm working on figuring out what to do for our Semi-Formal. We're probably going to have to do some Fundraising soon, and of course Fundraising will let everyone know about that one, once I figure out how much we're going to do for the formal.

If anyone has any ideas on what they would like to see for it, or when we should hold it, comment here to let me know. I really want Delta to pull through and have this formal. I'll post info once I have it!

Hope you all have a great Semester.

Oh..and quick note before I go..reminder...we do have 10 hours of Community Service hours at the Community Kitchen. They are great there and love our help, so if you have only even 2 hours available during the week, please consider going. ^_^

Laterz everyone

- Jen D.
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