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I guess I thought this would be a great place to open up a community for all the Delta Nu Psi Members to get together and chat! Hopefully more of us will become LJ savvy, but no worries!

Congrats to my fellow Pledgemates!! PC 31 we did it - plus we made history with 14!! ^_^

As a Reminder:

Thursday, November 17th - We are having the bake sale at Wal-Mart.

Currently these are the times I was given by Aubrie in who can do it when:


Jeff & Matt - noon - 1pm
Steve & Teddy - 1 - 2:30 pm
Jen D - 2:30 - 4:15 pm
Ali & Pete - 3-5 pm
? - 5 - 6 pm
Chris - 6 -8 pm
Ally - 6:15 - 8pm

We still need someone for 5-6, plus I know Ali and Pete are bringing stuff when they get there, but I don't know what's with everyone else. Let me know. ^_^

Aubrie & Nicole can't make it all day as I'm told, and Jen has to go home that day. If any of you can cover other shifts or anything else...let me know! Also let either Aubrie or me know when you could have stuff for us to sell for the bake sale done - I'll come by and pick it up, so it's ready at noon on Thursday. Also I will find a table and make the sign so no worries! ^_^

- Jen D "Sakura"
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