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Important News

Here's some news on things going on at DNY now, so be sure to check in.

Spring 2006 RUSH:

Looks like we're doing pretty well with Rush. I know Mike already emailed everyone about us needing to make sure Rush Boards are up around campus. So let's keep doing that, since it would be nice to get a few more people tonight. ^_^

Blue/Gray Semi-Formal:

I will keep everyone posted on this as well. I do have to say that things are going pretty well with it, plus I'm finding great deals.

I know I've reminded you all over AIM, but I'll say it again and please...if you know someone that hasn't sent me back their food choice yet, please tell them to do it. I have about 10 people sofar. It really only takes 5 minutes to do this I promise. Thanks already to everyone who got back to me fast. ^_^

last but not least...

Bake Sale Fundraiser for the Formal/Community Kitchen:

Today I got us Saturday, Feb 11th from noon till 8 pm, us a spot outside of Wal-Mart for a Bake Sale. This will be helpful to us in raising money for the formal, and 1/4 will most likely be donated to the Community Kitchen.
Please if you can bring something to sell for this event, if you don't want to bake, maybe give others who want to bake some money, that way everyone is contributing to this. Also we need people for shifts. Since there are so many of us, it shouldn't be a problem for everyone to only be there for an hour.

Just contact me to figure it out, or tonight at Rush.
I really think that if we have this one..since we raised $80 at the last one..that we can easliy do it again. We might even have a second one, I'll be sure to check out dates at Wal-Mart this weekend for that.

So to end this one...I think if we pull through with this stuff, then we will have an amazing formal, plus help the community out without dipping too much into the treasury. ^_^ If we raise $200 we probably won't have to touch it at all!

Well that's all I have for now. I'm off to check out the Mable Brown Room...if I can...to see what we have for option. If you have any question, you always know where to find me! ^_^

Laters everyone!!
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